For several years now, I am a licensed Radio-Amateur in the Netherlands. Passing the radio-electronic and law exams for getting this A-Class license, gave me the opportunity to build and test transmitters up to micro wavelengths. At this moment I’m QRV on HF, VHF (2 meter).
Here is a link to the famous sound Rhythm of the Morse.

And Yes…………… Berrie (now PA5AB) and I have passed the CW Test on 10 december 2002. Some confusion with the red light, but everything was oké. Thanks Jack, PA7JS. !!!!!!.

My special interest is the UHF band. (ATV) and with my new transceiver FT-920, now also the ‘Magic’ 6 meter band. Recently worked VK4ABW. Gee…..

At the moment i’m trying to setup a ATV station. TRX on 23 cm and RX on 13 cm to PI6ANH. Details will follow. (Experimenting together with PA1DYK)

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